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Judge Pam Ferguson

Clayton County Visiting Friends Program

The Clayton County Visiting Friends program is a pilot project created by Pam Ferguson.  It involves wards of guardianship cases in Clayton County Probate Court who are matched with volunteers to provide social interaction.  The volunteers also insure the ward is receives proper care.  The volunteers are required to visit at least monthly (they can attend more often if they wish) and attend a monthly meeting. Each volunteer goes through a criminal background check and training.  Currently the goal is to match each ward in which the Department of Human Services (DHS) is appointed as the guardian of last resort because there is no friend or family member willing or able to act as the guardian.  
Pam Ferguson has presented this program to other Probate Judges, and many are interested in implementing a similar program in their county. 
This program is volunteer driven and operates without cost to the county. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact Katherine Reeves at 770-472-8124.

(678) 767-5983

The Clayton County Treatment Court (CCTC)

The Clayton County Treatment Court (CCTC) began in 2008 when Judge Ferguson served on a collaborative put together by Justice Sears.  Pam Ferguson immediately began a local Collaborative in 2009 that started with the Probate Court, the Sheriff's Department and Riverwood.  Since that date various treatment providers such as Clayton Center, Georgia Regional, ACR, Renassince and the quilt, Also various departments such as the district attorney's office, the solicitors office, adult probation and the prosecutor's office. 
Through this collaborative a grant was awarded to help Clayton County plan a program that would serve the needs of the citizens.  Due to the collaborative efforts of those involved, the group was not only able to plan the program but to actually implement it. 
Pam Ferguson was appointed as a State Court Judge and CCTC began in June of 2013.  The program accepts those participants who have misdemeanor cases, are previously diagnosis with sever and persistent mental illness and reside in Clayton County or found to be homeless. 
CCTC has graduated several individuals and those graduates have not returned to the Clayton County jail. 
Please vote for Pam Ferguson on May 24, 2016 so she can continue the work she began for those who need services rather than incarceration. 

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